Zapping a new approach to solar cells

A simple and fast microwave experiment with the common chemical element phosphorus in our labs has opened the prospect of more affordable and effective super-thin solar […]

Golden Technique for Energy Storage

As countries around the world move to increase their renewable energy capabilities, the question of energy storage becomes essential. One potential solution to this problem is […]

Residential rechargeable batteries: past, present and future

The drawback of many renewable energy sources is that the power produced is intermittent (wind, solar) and peak energy generation rarely matches peak usage. The recent announcement by Tesla of the Li-ion based residential battery storage system the Powerwall has many people considering going off the grid and relying upon their solar panels to generate their electricity, storing it with their own battery and using it on demand.

The lab that sucks the most.....

Ultra high vacuum science. Sticking samples in chambers which hold one trillionth of the number of atoms per unit volume than the lab you’re standing in. […]