Communicating your Research – 3MT Competition

There is a lot going on this week, so we are taking a break from the REST Canvas updates to let you know about some other opportunities available to you.

The Flinders University 2024 3MT competition is officially open and all Flinders PhD students are invited to participate. The 3MT competition is the perfect opportunity to develop your academic, presentation and research communication skills in a fun and supportive environment. Presenting in a 3MT competition increases your capacity to effectively explain your research in three minutes, in a language appropriate to a non-specialist audience, through one PowerPoint slide. But you do not have to do this on your own – you will be supported throughout the competition through training materials, workshops, practice sessions and feedback that will help you perfect your talk. If you are interested, please register for the competition via the button below.

To help you prepare for the 3MT competition, and to help you develop your presentation skills more broadly, the OGR has organised the following workshops.

Preparing for the 3MT – Everything you need to know
Monday 20 May 2024, 1:30-3:30pm

This workshop by Hugh Kearns from ThinkWell explains what the 3MT is and how it works. It describes the judging criteria and provides strategies and suggestions to help you win over the judging panel. You will find out how to make your presentation stand out and be memorable, how to prepare and practice and what to do on the day itself. And very importantly, you will learn strategies to cope with the inevitable anxiety.

Presenting your Research with confidence
Friday 24 May 2024, 10am-12pm

This workshop by Hugh Kearns from ThinkWell helps researchers prepare for their presentations. It provides a clear step-by-step structure that you can use again to give high quality presentations. It will cover how to make your message relevant to your audience, how to structure your talk, how to prepare material, as well as how to deal with questions and nervousness. And it will be interactive and fun!

Communicating the Impact of you research
Friday 7 June 2024, 10am-12pm

This workshop by Hugh Kearns from ThinkWell helps researchers develop a communication strategy for their research, identifying ways to make their research accessible and pitching the impact of the research to the right audience without dumbing it down. This is an important skill to create further funding and collaboration opportunities, to encourage the application of your findings and for your own career.

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