New REST Module – Research Communication

We are happy to share that the next module in the new REST Canvas site is available. The Research Communication module introduces researchers to effective communication methods and strategies.

Effective research communication serves as a bridge between the scientific community and the general public, fostering understanding and appreciation for the discoveries that shape our world. By disseminating findings through various channels such as publications, conferences, and media platforms, researchers not only share their insights but also inspire curiosity and critical thinking among diverse audiences. This module provides you with online courses on effective communication strategies and methods, as well as information on resources and opportunities to help you develop your communication skill and disseminate your research effectively.

To view and complete the module, please click the link below to be taken directly to the module. If you are not yet registered in the REST Canvas site, you will first need to register via If you have any questions or feedback on the module, please reach out via return email.

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