REST module – Candidature Management

We are happy to share that the next module in the new REST Canvas site is available. The Candidature Module outlines the steps and processes in the HDR candidature, and provides some useful links and resources.

Navigating your way through the HDR candidature can be confusing and overwhelming. This module steps you through the different stages, introducing the candidature management process and the annual HDR milestones. It steps you through each milestone, outlining the requirements and purpose of the Confirmation of Candidature/Research Proposal, Mid-Candidature Review and Final Thesis Review. It also outlines the Thesis Submission and Examination Process, providing detailed information and links to recorded and upcoming workshops.

To view and complete the module, please click the link below to be taken directly to the module. If you are not yet registered in the REST Canvas site, you will first need to register via If you have any questions or feedback on the module, please reach out via return email.

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