REST module – Literature Review

We are happy to announce that the first new REST module is now available, focusing on the skills required to conduct literature reviews.

Conducting a literature review early on in your candidature is an essential part of your HDR learning journey. It creates space for you to deeply familiarise yourself with existing knowledge from one or more disciplines, as you identify and clarify the research gap you want to pursue. Your literature review is also one of the most important parts of your thesis. It is a systematic interrogation of the existing research that helps you to position your research in the knowledge gap. It enables you to explore existing understanding in your research area whilst also providing context for the scope and significance of your specific research project.

The Literature Review REST module steps you through this process from beginning to end, through comprehensive, interactive and embedded Epigeum modules, Flinders specific resources and support, and a number of external online courses, workshops and videos on the topic. The module is delivered in different stages, and you can tap into it however you need – explore only specific type of literature review or aspect, or launch in and complete the whole module for overall understanding. We have built in links to the Inspire Skills Needs Analysis and Activity Completion forms, so you can easily assess your skills and record the completion of individual online or in-person activities at the click of a button.

To view and complete the module, please click the link below to be taken directly to the module. If you are not yet registered in the REST Canvas site, you will first need to register via If you have any questions or feedback on the module, please reach out via return email.

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