Spotlighting the HDR Website

In a couple of weeks, you will start receiving links to newly developed REST content. Before that, we thought this would be a great opportunity to familiarise you with the information and resources already available on the HDR website –


Have you seen the new look HDR website? The website includes information and links to all the resources that HDR students and their supervisors need to know. If you have not had a look at the website recently, have a browse via the link below and make yourself familiar with it. On it, you will find:

  • A Contact Us page with all the HDR contacts you need to know about, including central support, college, committee and student representatives with explanations on when and how to contact each.
  • HDR FAQs, which highlight the most frequently asked questions and answers in the HDR space.
  • Links to HDR Scholarship Opportunities, keeping you informed of any upcoming opportunities.
  • A page dedicated to Degree Management, providing an overview of your candidature, information on specific milestones, how to make changes and where to go for support.
  • A page dedicated to Development and Training, providing an overview of the REST program, doctoral graduate attributes and other learning opportunities such as 3MT and COMS9001.
  • A page dedicated to Cotutelle and Industry, providing detailed information on how to engage outside the university through specialised program such as the Cotutelle, IMNIS, Industry PhDs and internships.
  • A page dedicated to Submission and Examination, outlining how to prepare your thesis for examination, the process of submission and examination, what you are examined on and how to make amendments. This page also has a section dedicated to thesis examiners.
  • A page on Student Resources, outlining all the services available to you, including HDR Central, ResearchNow, IP, travel and insurance information, building and space access and many more.
  • An Information for Supervisors page, providing all the information HDR supervisors need to know.
  • Information on Awards and Prizes in the HDR space, including the BEST HDR Student Publication Award and VC’s Award for Doctoral Thesis Excellence, amongst others.
  • Links to Blogs and Newsletters, including the Staying in the Loop and HDR Development bulletin blog.

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