Australia Awards Fellowship (AAF) Program: Capacity building for Maternal and Child Health in East Africa

Congratulations to Dr Lillian Mwanri from the Discipline of Public health who on Monday 11th January welcomed over 30 Fellows from South Sudan, Ethiopia and Tanzania for a six week intensive focusing on the UN Millennium goals directly linked to Maternal and Child Health. This is the largest University AusAid program run in Australia.

The main goals of the training program are to:
•    Provide fellows with the skills, knowledge and mentoring needed to prepare a plan for the improvement of policy or practice in their home organization in order to increase progress towards Millennium Development Goals 4 or 5.
•    Create an ongoing peer support and learning network among the fellows that will act as a continuing resource for addressing complex issues of maternal and child health in East Africa. As a new nation emerging from a protracted civil war, South Sudan faces particularly problematic issues around child and maternal health.

Although Dr Mwanri and Dr Robinson co-ordinate the program, the curriculum draws on Flinders University’s multidisciplinary expertise in development and health, and represents a collaboration between staff from three out of Flinders University’s four faculties, and partners from partner organizations in South Australia.


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