Student Profile: Miranda Batten

Miranda Batten

Master of Public Health (Research stream), part-time study and completed 1st year


What is your background?

I am a registered pharmacist with a background in regulatory enforcement, health service safety and quality, and rural pharmacy academia in the Northern Territory, Western Australia and most recently, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).


What kind of course did you complete through Flinders University? If you completed research, what was your topic and who were your supervisors?

I am currently completing my Master of Public (Research stream). At this stage, I am very keen for my research topic to relate to my current role with the ACT Health, Health Protection Service.


What drew you to the Discipline of Public Health at Flinders University to do postgraduate study?

A research colleague in Western Australia highly recommended the courses offered by Flinders University. I found that the Public Health postgraduate study program offered by Flinders University provided a focus on public health aspects that I am particularly interested in and through a flexible, fully-online option which I was seeking.


What did you enjoy about studying Public Health? And what were the challenges?

While I am only a third of the way through my studies, I have found that the subjects I have completed and the online discussions held with my fellow students has given me a much broader appreciation of some of the daily activities of living which can be taken for granted, but which are not accessible to all Australians due to inequitable social determinants of health. On a personal level, I found it challenging but also rewarding for me to re-evaluate some of my perceived public health perceptions as a direct consequence of my studies. I look forward to being further challenged as my studies continue.


How has studying Public Health shaped what you wanted to do after study / are doing now?

This course has helped to shape and enhance both my personal and professional skills and knowledge. This has directly influenced the work I am undertaking across a variety of different clinical and educational settings.


What is your best culinary output? Any particular place that has inspired this

Zucchini and potato soup – inspired by mild winters in Geraldton, Western Australia

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