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Degree and Progress: Master of Health and International Development (MHID), first year second semester


  1. What is your background?

Diploma in Nursing (From NTT Province Nursing Academy) and Bachelor in Public Health (from University of Indonesia)

  1. What kind of course did you complete or are you completing through Flinders University? If you plan to or did complete research, what will your topic be and who were your supervisors?

I’m studying Master of Health and International Development, a coursework master.

  1. What drew you to the Discipline of Public Health at Flinders University to do postgraduate study?

Flinders University offers one interesting course: Health and International Development which is the combination of Public Health and Development issues. For me this is challenging course. It is challenging because I never studied International Development before however in my view, this course is interesting because it combines health and development issues which interrelate each other and influences each other in positive and negative ways. By having enhanced perspective and knowledge on health and development it will support me to contribute more for such areas in my country and in other developing countries if I have opportunity to work outside Indonesia.

  1. What did you enjoy about studying Public Health? And what were the challenges?

The courses offers a wide range of topics which enhance my knowledge on health and development. In addition, I studied with many local and international students with differ experience so it helps me to learn and share more. Challenge? At the beginning of my study here, my English skills sometimes became a challenge for me to understand reading materials and to write essays however gradually my English skills is improved thanks to Student Learning Centre with its wide range of English for academic courses and also thanks to all my lecturer and friends who help me to improve my English skills.

  1. How has studying Public Health shaped what you wanted to do after study?

It motivates me to give more contribution to Public Health and development issues by considering social determinants of health issue into account.

  1. If you could share a vision for Public Health with your friends and family, what would it be?

Public Health is the responsibility of everyone. Every member of society plays important roles to ensure the attainment of sustained public health. Of all the important factors related to public health, social determinants factors need to be addressed and considered as basic or fundamental factors which requires attention and real action from all society members to create equities and equalities for all people in the society.

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