Surgeon prodigy to star in SoM laboratory

A new PhD student from the Flinders Bachelor of Medical Science degree deemed to be a prodigy will next year be working with Professor Nick Spencer in his laboratory.

Dr David Smolilo is described by Nick as “the star trainee surgical registrar at Flinders Medical Centre.” David was recently awarded a prestigious, and highly competitive, PhD scholarship from the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) to support his salary and basic laboratory costs for the next three years.

Flinders medical alumnus and academic status holder, Professor David Wattchow said of Dr Smolilo’s success that it added to “a long line of surgeons who have trained in science in the Department of Human Physiology” at Flinders. “We have achieved quite some success in funding from the RACS over the years,” he said.

Following is David Wattchow’s list of surgeons who have either graduated Phds from Human Physiology, or who are in training. All are now in senior positions with a strong public hospital focus. Many are still involved in research.

Surgeons, scholarships and funding – Department of Human Physiology:

  • David Wattchow 1985, PhD, John Lowenthal scholarship RACS, National Health and Medical Research Foundation. Now head of GI surgery
  • Professor Rob Padbury, PhD, head of surgery
  • Professor Lilian Kow, staff PhD consultant surgeon
  • Anthony Porter; PhD, plastic surgeon, Royal Adelaide Hospital
  • Elizabeth Murphy, PhD Raelene Boyle scholarship RACS. Now head of colorectal surgery Lyell McEwin Hospital
  • Dayan DeFontgalland, PhD, surgeon scientist RACS; private scholarship; staff surgeon FMC
  • Tiong Sia, PhD, private scholarship RACS; training fellow Colorectal Surgical Society of Australia and New Zealand (CSSANZ)
  • Reizal Rhosli, private scholarship, FMC Foundation
  • David Smolilo, WG Norman scholarship, RACS
Congratulations to Dr David Smolilo
Congratulations to Dr David Smolilo
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