All Systems Go!

Hello all! Here’s a quick update: I received my housing and it looks like I’ll be staying at the Deirdre Jordan Village!

Image caption: DJ Village 2012 community!

I initially applied for the University Hall but put the Village as a second choice. Still very excited! It will be a different experience entirely.

It’s funny because the other day I was slightly hoping that I would be placed in the Village just so I could enjoy grocery shopping and making home cooked meals.

I also have my flights booked for February 19th, arriving into Adelaide on the 21st so it looks like everything is ready.

I applied for my FAB orientation and also for a Meet and Greet service. The only thing I constantly keep worrying about is what to pack! I feel like I want to pack my entire closet but I know that wouldn’t work out. I’ve slowly been going through my closet and picking out the things that I think I should pack, but it’s so difficult to figure out exactly how many clothes I should bring and all the other essential items I’m going to need.

I wonder what kind of people my flatmates will be like, I’m very excited to meet new people!

28 days left but I’m so ready to get going!

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