Alone but never lonely-Love in Adelaide

Hello all! I have been in Adelaide for  3 weeks!

I took quite a long way from Beijing to Adelaide. As soon as I stepped in the city, I was totally fascinated by the beautiful environment and nice people. I couldn’t forget the well-planned activities organized by ISSU, including orientation class and a morning tea.

But definitely the trip is the highlight. Last week, we went to the South Port Noarlunga beach, which is absolutely worth seeing. I couldn’t help myself when seeing the jetty and the beaches. The sea is quite clear and you can even see the rocks down there. Experiencing all the natural beauty and relaxed lifestyle in Adelaide is what attracts me most.

In the south part of world, I am alone but never lonely as with all the nice people around,with all the excellent experiences I had, with all the great smiles surrounds.

Enjoy every moment in the cosy and livable city and live every minutes to the fullest !

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