Josh’s 6 Tips for the Ultimate Student Exchange!

Who: Joshua McLean
Studying: Bachelor of Health Science – Life Science
Where: Malmo University
When: S2 2012 23

I wish I knew these tips before I left:

1. Don’t get carried away when you first arrive with purchasing everything (there will be plenty of time for shopping).

2. Don’t be shy even if you are.. Introduce yourself to everyone and smile and you’ll see what happens!

3. Don’t take all your cards in your wallet out with you if you don’t need them. Quite easy to lose or have your wallet stolen.

4. Don’t buy a really nice bike as it will get stolen (or at least buy a very strong lock – make that two locks).

5. Small speakers to travel with are important. I had my laptop which was enough.


P.S No great story ever came from eating a salad.    I am already planning to get back over to Sweden…. Yep it’s that good!

The Malmo Experience!

Where to begin! Malmo University was so welcoming and organised to greet us at the student centre. There we were able to sort out student cards, bedding and even a lift with our luggage to our student accommodation. For the following two weeks we had no classes except for a Swedish Language course where we got to meet everyone and make new friends. Outside of classes there were dinners and events on the weekends to get everyone together.

Malmo Classes

I feel like I have most benefited from the way in which Malmo university puts the student in control of the classroom. At Flinders you sit there with 300 other students in a lecture theatre being talked to (half asleep), whereas, in Sweden it’s an intimate classroom with business like meetings and practical application almost every second class to ensure you are on top of your work and understanding it. This freedom and control allowed me to look into research that I really valued and because of it I have started making some bigger and better decisions with my life! Resources and facilities were fantastic at Malmo. Brand new library with an awesome view. Lots of rooms for meetings etc. Every classroom has a projector and computer access. Classes were taught in English.


I stayed Off-campus and would most definitely recommend it. I stayed in Ronnen International House and it was so much fun. A little bit more expensive than Celsius but it was worth it.

Highlight of my program….. Mmmmm… Keeping it PG rated. Well the highlight would have to be celebrating my birthday with 30 other exchange students who all travelled on the train with me from Malmo to Copenhagen and into Christiania (Google this place – unbelievable). We bar hopped and sang our way across Copenhagen into Christiania and finished off the night dancing to a guy playing guitar and all laughing and just loving each other really.


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