The Adventure Continues

Hello again!

It’s funny how one decision seems like it can change everything. For me, this decision was taking a chance on a trip to Kangaroo Island. Going into the two-day adventure provided by Flinders ISSU knowing only one person, I didn’t know what was in store. A jam-packed two days of sand boarding, viewpoints, and wild life encounters, introduced me to a group of people I can now call good friends.

The weeks following the Kangaroo Island trip consisted of a balancing act between finishing assignments, kayaking, pub craws, and of course planning an epic mid semester break.














The first week of the break could be described as an international can of sardines. We decided to squeeze two Canadians, two French, and a German into a van where we would sleep, cook, and drive the great ocean road. Our clunky van took us from Adelaide, through amazing coastal views and hikes, to Melbourne before a speedy race home to make a flight to Bali.

With less than 15 hours at home it was time to start a new adventure in Indonesia. A blast of heat and honking introduced us to Bali. Ubud was our first stop, were we visited rice fields, Hindu temples, coffee plantations, and a volcano. We then decided to hop over to Gili Trawangan, a small island with no cars and crystal blue water. Finally, Kuta filled our last days with 5 dollar buffets, sweaty walks and some surfing.

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