Life 17.5 Hours Ahead (Pt.4) – as told by a Vancouverite

One of the must-do when you are on exchange in Australia is to take the opportunity and explore the country, even if it’s only to a few cities. The places I travelled to were Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns and Brisbane. I also travelled to Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast from Brisbane, which is reachable by public transit or Greyhound.

My travel advice for exchange students? Save it for the very end! I know some might do the travelling beforehand but for me personally, I wanted to settle in first and get comfortable. Then during the semester, there would be uni work to do. Planning it for the end allowed me to really enjoy the cities and have a carefree vacation/holiday. Additionally, leaving it for the end gave me a good perspective of how much money I have left to spend!

If you are looking for good budget-friendly places to stay I would recommend the YHA. It is usually located conveniently in the CBD and allows you to meet new friends, particularly for people travelling alone such as myself.

So I hope you have a blast travelling in Oz so you can share your story with others too! Thank you Flinders and Australia for having me in the past 5 months, I really enjoyed my stay here and very sad knowing I will be leaving in a week.

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