The new kid in town

Hello everyone! My name is Olivia and I’m an exchange student from Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia. I come from a totally different country than Australia. We spoke different language, has different historical background, and culturally different. Simple example, in the city where I live, consuming alcohol is deemed as inappropriate while in Adelaide, it’s common for people to consume alcohol. It somehow made me worried that my cultural background would be a barrier for me to adjust with a new environment. In my five hours flight from Bali to Adelaide, I kept thinking on what my life would be in a country which I’ve never been before with no friends or family. However, all my doubts are gone after only spending one week in Adelaide. I met new people from across the world, went to the Fringe Festival, Royal Croquet Club, explored the city, celebrated my 20th birthday here in Adelaide and went to Cleland Wildlife Park with other international students. So far this is the biggest step I’ve ever made in my life and from what I’ve experienced, it’s normal to be worried at first, but don’t let it get through your way from adventuring a whole new life time experience.

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  1. I have also been here a week but have been feeling very detached. My nerves have got the best of me and it has impacted my ability to make new friends. The tour at Cleland Wildlife Park was the first time since being in Australia where I was able to make a friend.

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