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Hello again! It’s been awhile since my last post and it’s hard to imagine, but the end of the semester is quickly approaching! Since my initial post, the weather has cooled and the majority of people’s attention has turned towards their academics. While I take my education very seriously, part of the attraction of studying abroad is that you are somewhere new. The best way to get acquainted with a new setting is to get out and explore and that is exactly what I have tried my best to do. A few weeks back I was able to visit Cleland Wildlife Park on the outskirts of Adelaide. This was fun and exciting opportunity in which I was able to get some up close and personal experiences with the animals that Australia is so famous for. I’d have to say that the feeding of the Kangaroos was probably the highlight of my day.
When I haven’t been off exploring the local area, I spent a lot of my free time during the first term planning my mid-semester travels. During the two week break, a few other international students and I traveled up to the island of Bali in Indonesia. Here we were able to enjoy the tranquility of old Hindu temples, and the not so tranquil Saturday night in Kuta. It was a great experience, which cemented friendships that I am sure will last well beyond this semester. The second week of break I was liberated once again to a life consisting of backpack and deprived of any plans. Flying into the Gold Coast, I knew I had to be in Sydney in a little over a week, but that was about it. I got to meet some epic hostel residents in Byron Bay, stayed with a fun group of students in Newcastle and laughed the night away at the Sydney Comedy festival.
Overall, my mid-semester break was all that I could have hoped for. Now it is time to buckle down for this end of semester push and soak up the rest of the time I have down unda! Until next time.

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