Get ready for summer school in Japan

All documents are checked, ready for a trip to Hiroshima this afternoon. I am so excited to have this opportunity to attend INU Master’s Summer School for Environmental Science in my final semester of studies in Master of Geospatial Information Science. In this event, I will meet students and faculty members from many countries from relevant scientific disciplines to share experiences and strategies in environmental issues especially on water quality, the topic of this year course.

I have traveled to many countries, but this is my first time to Japan, such a dream came true. Japan is a unique country. It has immersed in advanced technology, but still practicing strong traditional culture at the same time. In Hiroshima, all participants will attend Peace Memorial Ceremony in ground zero where atomic bomb ‘little boy’ burned the city in 6 August 1945. Japan surrendered few days after the bombing and my home country, Indonesia proclaimed its independent from Japanese occupation on 17 August 1945. Therefore, I would say that this trip to Japan is also my historic trip.


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