Wildlife on campus

I could talk about the travelling I did during the mid-semester break, but I’d rather focus on the campus this time around. It’s surprised me so much that I have seen so much wildlife just by staying at the hall, and the attitude towards wildlife here.

First, the wildlife. I stuck around thinking that I had to travel to a zoo to see the wildlife. Yes, I’ve gone to about several places to view wildlife now but nothing has compared to my own sightings in the wild…and around the Flinders University Hall. For instance, several weeks ago my friends and I came back from a Maccas run to see a koala walking about, making some ridiculous noises, and climbing up a tree. A week later, the tree outside my window had a koala resting in it. Last but not least, today, I encountered a brown snake (the second most venomous land snake in the world) on my way to campus.

What also strikes me is the way that Australian people approach finding wildlife. They know how to handle these kind of situations and make sure the wildlife and the people around them stay safe.

Escaping the wrath of my clumsy feet.
Escaping the wrath of my clumsy feet.
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