I feel like it was just a week ago when I wrote my blog about Mid semester break, and the month of September. Time is really starting to fly by! October was a more laid back month, as I had a good amount of school work to catch up on from my two weeks of travelling. However, I still ended up doing and seeing some cool things. I saw a koala walking around, and it came within 10 feet of me before it decided to climb a tree and rest; that was the coolest wildlife experience I’ve had since being here! I also have seen many lizards around campus and other places; no snakes yet though (thankfully, because I’m terrified of them.) It has been a pretty relaxed month, but I went to Marksenfest and the Final Fling! Marksenfest is an Octoberfest type event, where you drink and listen to live music. It was a lot of fun, although it was pretty hot that day! The Final Fling is an formal event hosted by the Village, where you dress up, put on a mask, and dance and socialize all night! It was fun to see everyone all dressed up 🙂

All dressed up for the "Final Fling"!
All dressed up for the “Final Fling”!
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