On my way to Butler University!

So after having a great New Year’s spending time with friends, and having my Going Away dinner with my friends and family, I can finally say I’ve finished packing (almost!) and ready to leave Australia’s Summer weather and fly across the world to the United States.

I am pretty excited because I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning for my flight to the U.S. and will be studying at Butler University in Indianapolis for a semester!  I’m currently in my third year of doing an Education/Arts degree majoring in Women Studies – which is what I’ll be mainly studying.

Even though I have travelled overseas a lot before, this is the first time I’ll be travelling on my own and being away from home for such a long period of time, so at the same time it’s a little scary! And as anxious as I feel right now, I’m even more excited to experience what it would be like studying overseas, living on campus, experiencing the dramatic change in weather (apparently it can get as cold as -6 degrees Celsius at night!), and meeting new people!

Also, during my exchange I will be able to spend some time with relatives in the U.S. that I haven’t seen in 10 years! So it should be good to catch up with them, as well as meet plenty of new people and start this new chapter of my life!

Selina Baguio, a Bachelor of Education (Primary R-7), Bachelor of Arts student, Semester 1 2016 exchange at Butler University, United States 


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