Pre depature to Yogyakarta, Indonesia


This year I have been lucky enough to be selected to complete an Independent Studies course in Indonesia, in Yogyakarta Province (or Jogja for short).  I will be living in Jogja for 4 weeks while I get to immerse myself into Javanese culture and attend classes at University Gadjah Mada (UGM) and field visits to local villages. I am currently completing my Master of Nutrition and Dietetics, and thus I will be focussing on gaining knowledge in malnutrition issues, specifically anaemia and iodine deficiency disorder.  Hopefully I will also get to experience some cases of severe protein and energy malnutrition in young children.

I think this will be an amazing experience as I will get to experience severe malnutrition issues that are rarely seen in Australia and other western countries. I have travelled overseas many times, and to Indonesia once before, but never to Jogja.  I am not worried about any type of culture shock or home sickness but am really excited to start this adventure!

It is a little stressful at the moment as I am not really certain what I will be doing and what the expectations will be for my study, but hopefully will all become clear after I arrive!

I can’t wait to explore this amazing country!!

Melanie Smith, a  Master of Nutrition and Dietetics, is participating in the Nutrition and Dietetics Research Project in Indonesia in 2016

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