Semester Exchange in Sweden: 3rd post

I came to Malmö Högskola / University five months ago with the intention of gaining further knowledge on the
concept of conflict and global development. It has been epic.

Since then my studies here have fuelled an enthusiasm for global issues and broadened my perspective. Strangely I have become more fascinated by what is happening in Australia and how we grapple with diversity in our own society.

However not all my experiences have been academic, many but not all.

I have travelled from Malmö to Stockholm, Uppsala, Helsinki and Lapland. Fallen in love with snow, huskies and the great outdoors. I saw the northern lights nightly and swam in the Arctic ocean, having baked in a sauna, a unique and amazing experience.

In Scandinavia there are many similarities in architecture, culture and climate but it is also extremely diverse. Malmö being the most, with its high proportion of foreign-born residents. Something the community navigates with ease, despite news of the contrary.

The progressive environment that Malmö and Sweden as an entirety, is one that I feel I have benefited from in myself and my attitude. As well as to incorporate into my studies and knowledge base, particularly in the increasingly relevant areas of diversity and resolving conflict. I feel that by studying at Malmö I have obtained a much deeper and fully-realised understanding of knowledge. Most importantly, I have benefited from living with and befriending an inspiring diverse group of students from all over the world.

Natalie Rudland-Wood, Bachelor of International Studies student, Semester 1 2017 exchange at Malmo University, Sweden 

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