The beginning of the end

My last few months at the University of Calgary went too quickly! During the mid-semester break, I was able to travel around Calgary, and explore the hidden gems within the city centre. I had travelled to Banff again, only this time going on one of the gondolas to Sulphur Mountain. The scenery was picturesque to say the very least, and although the air was cold, it still felt fresh. During the break, I also had dinner at the Calgary Tower, which was a pleasant experience, because I was able to dine while looking across Calgary at night.

Before leaving Calgary, I skied at Winsport (COP), one of the Olympic Venues when Calgary hosted the Winter Games in 1988. It was an amazing experience to go skiing and tubing, and also envision the athletes competing at the same place, (including the Jamacian Bobsled Team). Shortly before leaving, I went to my first NHL (National Hockey League) game to watch the Calgary Flames. Although the Flames lost, the atmosphere was incredible, and I enjoyed watching one of Canada’s most popular sports at an elite level.

Saying goodbye to the people I met in Calgary was difficult because in a very short time strong connections and friendships were formed. I have had the most incredible experience studying at the University of Calgary. I enjoyed having the opportunity to study in a different country, and I would recommend studying abroad to anyone who is considering it.

Demi Martin, Bachelor of Disability and Developmental Education, Semester 1 2017 exchange at University of Calgary, Canada

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At the Flames Game
Jumping for Joy at Winsport
Pet Therapy, hosted by the Student Union
Aurora Hall from the outside
The weather started getting warmer and the snow cleared up
The spectacular views from Sulphur Mountain
The spectacular views from Sulphur Mountain
Sulphur Mountain
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