Studying and Travelling in Manchester

My exchange in Manchester has been flying by so fast! It’s crazy to think that I’ve been here for over a month now, with our break in semester only two weeks away. I’ve definitely settled into a routine here, which took a while because I was not used to having to completely look after myself away from home.

The classes that I am taking here are really interesting. The teaching style is quite similar to at Flinders, however the main difference is that the lecture and seminar (tutorial) for each topic are right after each other! At first I kept forgetting to prepare for my seminars because I’m used to having a couple of days to get my head around the lecture material. It actually works quite well though, as I only have to think about one topic each day.

Living in the student halls means I am right in the middle of student life, which has been great so far. I get along with my flatmates quite well and have met some people in my classes as well. There is also a group of other exchange students that I get along with really well, mostly from America. We have been exploring Manchester in our free time, as well as taking trips. It has been great socialising with people from other countries, and they are honestly the nicest people. I’m grateful for the orientation program that we had when we first arrived, because this is when we all met.

It’s great being so close to the city centre as well. I can walk just about everywhere I need to go, and have already explored many museums and streets in Manchester. I went to a Manchester United football game a few weeks ago, which was incredible! The atmosphere in the stadium was amazing. I am also seeing a concert at the Manchester Arena, which I can’t wait for.

I just can’t believe how beautiful England is. I have been to Liverpool, York, Chester and Edinburgh and each place is just prettier than the last! Particularly York and Edinburgh, which have spectacular castles and cathedrals, like nothing I have ever seen before. In Edinburgh, myself and two American exchange students hiked up an extinct volcano, Arthurs Seat which had spectacular views over all of Edinburgh (although it was so windy we almost blew away!).

I wasn’t expecting to have so many opportunities for travel while I am studying here, and I have many more to come. I have a trip booked to Amsterdam and another to Paris during breaks in semester. It’s amazing being so close to other countries, and being able to just pop across the border for a few days. The international society here which I have free membership to also organises trips, and I am taking one to Wales soon. It’s a great way to travel without having to organise everything myself.

I am having such an amazing time in Manchester, and can’t wait for what’s in store for the next few months that I am here.

Tara Mayne, Bachelor of Arts-Enhanced Program for High Achievers student, Semester 1 2018 exchange at Manchester Metropolitan University, the United Kingdom 

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