Pre-Departure, Hong Kong!

I’ve just started packing for our New Colombo funded trip to the Hong Kong International Film Festival and I’m pretty excited for what’s to come. I don’t know much about the others I’m travelling with, and I’ve done some research on where we’re staying and where we’re going but I think the most exciting part is the lack of research I’ve done. Some of the films I’ll be seeing, I’ve only read the brief blog in the festival guide. I’m hoping for a nice surprise and some refreshing Asian cinema each day, maybe even some McDull-like works. I’ll be seeing three or so films a day, and though that might sound like a breeze I’m quite certain it will actually be quite exhausting.

I think I’m most looking forward to the Q&A’s with Werner Herzog, the German documentary producer, and the reworked film aspects of the festival. But for now, I’m also ready for some great surprises, getting to know everyone I’ll be spending the next few weeks with, and seeing some of Hong Kong itself.

Ella Worthington, Bachelor of Media Arts student has participated in East Asian Film Industry Engagement Program in March-April 2018. The program is funded by the New Colombo Plan by the Australian Government

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