There and Back Again: A Voyage to Hong Kong

Once again, I have arrived back in Adelaide after another joyous journey overseas. As my time in Hong Kong ended, there was a plethora of mixed emotions circulating throughout my head. Whilst I was happy to return home and see family, I was equally feeling like I could have just continued to stay overseas.

I think what really shines about the student exchange experience is that it allows for you to complete university work without it ever feeling taxing or like a burden on your trip. Throughout my time at the Hong Kong Film Festival, I loved every minute of it. The excitement and anticipation before a film opened grew throughout the weeks; would we hate it or rate it? Moreover, it was incredibly interesting to study the Asian film industry from within an Asian country. These first-hand experiences with Hong Kong films, directors, and programmers provided vital information in furthering our understanding with the topic that we came here to study.

What really elevated this trip were the bonds that I was able to form with other students. Nothing is able to start and/or strengthen a friendship like being exposed to a new, unique and incredibly bizarre landscape. These experiences, as amazing as they are, are enhanced tremendously when shared with other people. The mystifying food combos, such as lemonade favoured Pringles and green tea with cheese (yes, they actually put cheese in green tea!) proved to demonstrate our braveness among each other and create what will be some hysterical lasting memories. Furthermore, the various day trips, from the quiet secluded island of Cheung Chau to the boisterous and frenzied Disneyland, allowed us to explore and navigate as a group through these locations unbeknown to us.

In conclusion, there really is no reason why you wouldn’t take up an opportunity like this. Make the plans, go somewhere unique and get your university work done whilst you travel. Go exploring, go hiking, go drink some green tea mixed with cheese, and make the best out it!

Oliver Kingsley, Bachelor of Arts- Enhanced Program for High Achievers student has participated in East Asian Film Industry Engagement Program in March-April 2018. The program is funded by the New Colombo Plan by the Australian Government

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Oliver in Hong Kong


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