Week 10 Down Under!

I am now in week 10 of my Flinders experience and Australia is now feeling far more homely! Sadly, though, I haven’t yet put a shrimp on the barbi?!

Not only am I now feeling almost completely at home, I am finding value in my chosen course topics, and I am throwing myself into group work and assignments. However, don’t get me wrong, I am still having fun exploring new parts of Australia!

Since my last blog I feel like the time has flown by! I have explored a variety of markets, found new cooking inspiration, discovered local hiking spots, become an expert on the buses and managed to successfully check a book out of the library.

I broke up my mid-term break with a quick city trip to Melbourne, only a 55-minute flight away! The city was beautiful and busy and has great shopping, a lot more bustling than Adelaide. However, I have also grown incredibly fond of the beaches in Adelaide, and although I have not yet taken a dip in the sea, as soon as the weather picks up I promise I will- as long as there’s no sharks about!

I have just celebrated my birthday too, and although I was worried about being away from my family, my new Aussie family made it super special! Plus, what’s better than the beach on your birthday?!

Cecily Reeves-Jones on semester exchange at Flinders University from University of Brighton, UK  during Semester 2, 2018

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Festival crowd shot
Glenelg Beach
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