Psychology Week has started!

Psych Week

For one week every year, the Australian Psychological Society (APS) turns up its puppy dog eyes and looks at you lovingly. It is called Psychology Week. This year it is on from the 12th the 18th November. That means it starts today!

The theme of Psychology Week this year is ‘Thriving in the Digital Age‘. So it is all about how you (and your family, friend and colleagues) remain happy, healthy and productive and not end up a quivering mess on the floor with your mobile phone and Instagram account open. I actually wrote about some of the key ideas in this previous post.

The Australian Psychological society isn’t being shy about Psychology Week this year.

There is a dedicated website –

Their Twitter account is pushing out all things #psychweek

Their Facebook page is pumping out articles and nuggets of wisdom.

There are lots of downloadable resources. Some of them are pictures you can add to Twitter or Instagram, to immediately get yourself at least ummm…..maybe 1 new follower?

Guard your sleep Connect offline Check less

You can read the results of the APS survey on the effects of social media on well-being.

You can mull over 10 ways to look after your mental health.

You can attend an event, like this one on positive psychology on Thursday night


And if those amazing things aren’t enough, you can check out our little project here –

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