Student Learning Centre

Student Learning Centre


Here at Health, Counselling and Disability services, we commonly talk about the impact that health, wellbeing and disability can have on an individual’s studies.

We seek to help students address the health or disability barriers getting in the way of them studying effectively.

But the relationship between health/wellbeing and study success is a bi-directional (two-way) relationship.

Our health can affect our studies, but also our success at study can affect our health.

Study and Health

Many students find the transition to University level academic work challenging. The quality of work required is high, often higher than that in high school, or other work settings. It only takes a few academic ‘failures’ to really put a dampener on the university experience and leave a student feeling out of their depth and worried.

There are however supports within the university to help you build the academic skills you need to study successfully.

The Student Learning Centre (SLC) is a student service within Flinders University which offers support in the areas of academic writing, basic mathematics, Endnote and general study skills.

They are a critical resource for students who find themselves struggling with the increased academic requirements of studying at university.

They’ve recently updated their web-page, which has helped make it clearer the programs and services they provide.

These include:

Start by accessing their website, then look at the resources they provide in FLO. Once you have your Career Hub account, you will be able to access all their resources.

If their resources seem a bit overwhelming (and there are a lot of them), start by just emailing them and telling them your situation.


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