Wishing you a safe and happy Easter



Within 24-48 hours I will be a chocolate coma.

The only way to deliver me from said coma, will be the introduction of different chocolate.

That is the typical story of my Easter holiday.

However you are spending Easter this year (2018), I wish you safety and happiness in your travels.

I’m aware that holiday periods can be difficult for those who are away from loved ones.

If this is the case for you, I suggest the following:

  1. make contact with loved ones, regardless of where they are. Use the phone, skype, facetime, letter, email, pigeon, whatever means necessary.
  2. find a project for the weekend – a piece of art, a fancy succulent display, that novel about robots you always wanted to write.
  3. study – yeah i realise it sounds a bit dry, but anytime I have used holidays to achieve some work outcomes, I’ve usually felt pretty good about myself.
  4. read books – people i know who read books are more interesting and they’re cross-eyed.
  5. if you have a pet, see if you can make them do something a bit silly (not dangerous) and upload it to youtube.
  6. binge watch kung fu films
  7. quiet introspection – create a quiet space, sit down and think. Brains are incredibly powerful things. If you give them a bit of space, they often come up with cool stuff. If your brain bombards you with negative thoughts, just say “thanks brain, but can you please send me something else”. Sitting in nature space is particularly good for the soul. For those of who celebrate the actual meaning of Easter (not all the chocolate stuff), this is a time for reflection on the meaning of renewal and rebirth.
  8. be open to invitations from friends or colleagues to easter related events. Sure you might end up having to talk to their grandma for 2 hours in the corner, but I can guarantee you, she’ll be stoked and you’ll probably learn something from her.
  9. go online (note: this may descend into a 10 hour youtube marathon).
  10. exercise – walk, bike ride, garden, do those fancy “pushup” things.
  11. this list was better when it was just 10 items.

Jokes aside, if you are feeling lonely these holidays, either find ways to reach out (even if that is just talking to the guy at Bunnings) or try to sit in that solitary space for a while and see what creative forces and ideas emerge. Switch off the screens, the phones, this blog post. Find a spot in nature and stop and reflect. Be open to what you mind throws you, but don’t attach too quickly to any of it. Start with 10 minutes and build up.

Or eat yourself into a chocolate coma – that is what I will do 🙂



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