Remember we have an SA Pathology onsite here at HCDS



A few years back when I was trying to work out why I was always so sore and tired, I had a lot of blood tests done.

In fact, they took so much blood from me that I swear this guy was circling.


A normal part of routine medical care is providing samples (e.g. blood, urine, faeces) for testing. This year, SA Pathology opened up a small collection centre within Health, Counselling and Disability Services (HCDS) at Bedford Park.

This makes it really easy for students, who have seen one of our doctors, to get a blood test or similar done at the same time and in the same location.

Also, SA Pathology accept the forms from other pathology labs (e.g. Clinpath, Abbot Pathology). So even if you have seen another doctor, outside of the university, who wants you to get a blood test, you can bring that form into SA Pathology here on campus.


Why am I telling you all this?

Well, I was speaking to one of the SA Pathology staff the other day and they were saying they had not been very busy, so I started to wonder whether students might not be aware that SA Pathology are onsite.

Hence this blog post.

So next time you need to get a blood test or similar, remember that SA Pathology are in the Student Centre, Level 3, co-located with the Health, Counselling and Disability Service.

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