Baptist Care SA runs a Food Hub in the CBD


A student let me know about the following service.

We know that for many students, simply covering the costs of living can be challenging. This includes food.

We address this somewhat through the regular Flinders Market, but there are other food hubs around Adelaide where students can get reduced cost food. The one described below is in the Central Business District (CBD) – i.e. Adelaide City. The Hub runs on Monday to Thursday, 10am to 3pm, at 216 Wright Street Adelaide

I’ve simply cut and pasted the news article from this site – If you want the short version, access this flyer.

Update: just found out there is a similar service in o’Hallorans Hill –

Take care

The Adelaide CBD has welcomed its first community food hub to give people in need a place to shop for food and essential items at a reduced cost.

Baptist Care SA and Foodbank SA have joined forces to establish the city’s first food hub, which was formally launched on Thursday 13 December by new Lord Mayor of Adelaide Sandy Verschoor.

Located at 216 Wright Street, the Baptist Care Community Food Hub will offer low-priced groceries to anyone with a concession card or Immi card, including pensioners, students and people experiencing homelessness.

Baptist Care SA Chief Executive Officer Graham Brown says the new food hub has been developed in direct response to community needs that were expressed in a survey undertaken by Baptist Care SA during 2017.

“We work closely with the local community, including many disadvantaged people in urgent need of help, and we’ve found the problem of food insecurity is skyrocketing,” said Mr Brown.

“Across Adelaide there are a growing number of people who simply don’t know where their next meal is coming from. It’s a huge problem.

“In fact, nationally over the past 12 months, more than four million Australians have found themselves in a situation where they’ve run out of food and haven’t been able to buy more.

“So to help tackle the problem, we’re really pleased to be able to open a new food hub in South Australia, particularly as it’s the first community food hub in the Adelaide CBD.

“The Baptist Care Community Food Hub will play a critical role in combating the growing prevalence of food insecurity across Adelaide.”

Mr Brown says the food hub, which Baptist Care SA owns and operates as a non-profit entity, is set to become a valuable part of its network of services and other much-needed practical supports for people on low incomes.

“There are tens of thousands of people across Adelaide who need help putting food on the table, but many feel uncomfortable about receiving handouts,” he said.

“The Baptist Care Community Food Hub provides a dignified way for people in the city to access food for their families, giving people on low incomes and the homeless somewhere to go to purchase groceries at a significantly reduced cost.”

The Baptist Care SA Community Food Hub will be managed by a Baptist Care SA staff member and a roster of 25 volunteers, who will source, supply and serve low-cost groceries to hundreds of people every week.

The Baptist Care Community Food Hub is located at 216 Wright St, Adelaide, and will be open every week from Monday to Thursday from 10am-3pm. For more information phone 8118 5200.

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