Welcoming Kirsten to the Blog!


Kirsten is one of our Disability Advisors.

She spends her days helping students who have health or mental health conditions/ disabilities that impact on their ability to study.

She helps negotiate and implement the many adjustments that can be made. This can range from special software for the hearing or vision impaired, through to adjustments to exam or assessment processes.

Kirsten is a powerhouse in terms of output and a very quick learner. For example, I gave her a quick tutorial on blogging and she is now already up and running with her first post on Autism Awareness Day. I strongly suspect she will overtake me very soon in terms of number and quality of posts. But I don’t mind. It’s like being overtaken on the racetrack by Lewis Hamilton.

Kirsten will be focusing on ensuring that the blog has much more disability-related content, including links to resources, updates on events, and promoting the great work that she and the Disability Advisors team do.

So please welcome her to the blog, by reading her first post and maybe leaving her a message of support on the blog or via the Disability email – disability@flinders.edu.au

If you don’t know about the Disability Advisory service here at the University, you can learn more here. Sometimes students have health or mental health conditions that do impact on their study, but don’t associate that with having a ‘disability’. As a result they miss out on valuable supports that could assist them in their degree.

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