International Guide Dog Day

White Guide Dog


25th April is International Guide Dog day and today we would like to give a shout out to all those students and staff who have their own Guide Dog, or who train them on our beautiful campus.

Some fun facts about these furry service animals:

  • Intelligent Disobedience: If an owner tells their dog to cross the road, and it is not safe to cross, the Guide Dog will disobey their owner to keep them safe.
  • Overhead Awareness: A Guide Dog is aware of overhanging branches and obstacles which might hit their owner. They will guide their owner around any obstacles.
  • Off Duty: A Guide dog knows that when their working harness is off, they are off duty and can socialise, relax and play.
  • Retirement: Guide Dog’s usually retire around the age of 10 or 11 years old.
  • The Law: Guide Dog’s are legally allowed almost anywhere: in Ubers, taxis, restaurants, shopping centres and cinemas. They are so well trained you can take them anywhere as your living, breathing mobility aid.
  • There are over 450,000 people with low vision or blindness in Australia, and this number is set to increase significantly due to an ageing population and the rise of diabetes.

For more information:  Guide Dog’s SA/NT

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