Sleep Well, For Goodness’ Sake

If you struggle with sleep, this upcoming BRAVE seminar might be worth attending…..

Four out of 10 Australians either do not regularly get enough sleep or they experience disrupted sleep due to a medical condition or a sleep disorder. In fact, at least 1.5 million Australian adults suffer from insomnia or have the sleep-related breathing disorder, sleep apnoea.

Sleep has incredible restorative and healing properties and is now considered the third pillar of health. Recent sleep research discoveries indicate that inadequate or disrupted sleep can adversely affect virtually every organ and every cell in the human body.

Join Professor Danny Eckert as he presents on the new horizons in sleep disorders treatment and management and highlights some recent discoveries as well as common sleep myths and facts.

This event will look at novel and future strategies to improve health through the science of sleep including new approaches to sleep disorders management and emerging therapies for common conditions such as sleep apnoea.

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