State Theatre’s Disability Access Program – 2019


So Anu, who is the Disabilities Officer, sent me this which I suspect might be of interest to some students.

Turns out that the State Theatre has a limited number of tickets to give away for 2019 performances that offer audio description and Auslan for vision and hearing impaired people.

Full details are in the flyer attached, but some of it is reproduced below.

Access performances and briefings

State Theatre Company South Australia offers audio described and Auslan performances, which include access to briefings that provide more information about each show.

Audio Described Performances

At audio described performances, patrons receive an earpiece connected to a small radio receiver through which a specially trained describer explains the action that is happening onstage. The describer has seen the show several times in preparation and will deliver the description when there are breaks in the dialogue onstage so as to not disrupt the narrative for the audience.

Pre-show Briefings

Pre-show briefings are offered to audience members attending audio described performances. Held prior to the beginning of the performance, the briefing allows patrons to take a tactile tour of the show with an opportunity to touch costumes and, where possible, to walk on the stage to get a sense of the set. Participants also get to meet the actors and hear the voices they will be using for each of their characters.

Auslan performances

At Auslan performances, an interpreter will stand to the side of the stage and translate the dialogue live.



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