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RUOK Day is coming up – 12th September.

On that day we’re all reminded to check in with our friends, family members, peers and colleagues on how they are doing. Not just on the 12th Sept but any day, any time.

The simple gesture of asking someone how they are doing can start a powerful and meaningful conversation that helps that person find a way out of a difficult situation.

Part of helping someone out is awareness of the various supports that are available to them.

As part of the Flinders Community, you have at your fingertips many wellbeing-focused resources. These aren’t just limited to Health, Counselling and Disability Services –

Take food for example.

Eating regular high-quality food is very important in terms of general health but also mental health. Spend a bit of time on this website – and you’ll learn just how important nutrition is in terms of mental health.

In this blog post, I want to provide you with a quick reminder of some of the food-focused supports available to you. Food insecurity (not having enough or good enough quality food) is surprisingly common in university students who are often living on limited budgets.

Hungry students find it harder to concentrate and to last long study sessions. Over time, nutritional deficiencies can turn in health or mental health problems which further impact on a student’s ability to study.

Around the university are a range of food-focused resources.


OASIS – Wednesday Warmers

Simple, good food cooked in the OASIS kitchen, every Wednesday during term time. Free! –


Flinders Community Market

Community Market at OASIS every Thursday during term time, where you can access free and low cost food, including fresh fruit, vegetables and bread –


Common Table
A combination of shared lunch and shared religious and cultural traditions. On the 1st Wednesday of each month during semesters –


FUSA Welfare Brunch/ FUSA Says Relax

FUSA provide free food around the campus at different locations and times. Breakfast, brunches and lunches – follow their Facebook to be notified when and where –


Eating Well @ Flinders

Cooking demonstrations and food knowledge from this Flinders-based nutrition project –


The OASIS crew will be marking RUOK? day on campus with informal events at the Hub, Sturt and Law/Commerce areas from 11am to 2pm. Visit the OASIS website or the OASIS Facebook page to learn more.

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