Mindfulness – learning to maximise the present moment


RUOK Day is coming up – 12th September.

On that day we’re all reminded to check in with our friends, family members, peers and colleagues on how they are doing. Not just on the 12th Sept but any day, any time.

The simple gesture of asking someone how they are doing can start a powerful and meaningful conversation that helps that person find a way out of a difficult situation.

Part of helping someone out is awareness of the various supports that are available to them.

As part of the Flinders Community, you have at your fingertips many wellbeing-focused resources. These aren’t just limited to Health, Counselling and Disability Services – www.flinders.edu.au/hcd

In this blog post, we look at the many mindfulness-based programs running here at the university that can teach you to be more ‘present’.

Why is mindfulness a useful thing?

Mindfulness teaches us to harness our attention and our attention is one of the greatest things we have. The activities and people and thoughts and ideas that you focus your attention on are the ones that grow and develop.

Mindfulness is a pathway to utilising fully the gifts of consciousness.

People learn about mindfulness in different ways. See if any of the following take your fancy.


Mindful Yoga

Counsellor Maureen runs a weekly Mindful Yoga class on Tuesdays from 12.00pm to 1.00pm at OASIS. Mindful Yoga is a gentle style of movement meditation. It focuses on soothing the nervous system through gentle movements coordinated with the breath. Think of it as a form of innercise, rather than exercise – www.flinders.edu.au/mindfulyoga



Chaplain Dave runs a weekly mindfulness meditation session at OASIS from 1.00pm to 1.30pm. Meditation with the simple goal of relaxation – https://oasis.flinders.edu.au/meditation-for-relaxation-and-stress-relief/


Mindfulness for Academic Success

A program offered by the counselling team that teaches you how to apply the principles of mindfulness to address common study challenges: stress, anxiety, focus, procrastination and study – https://blogs.flinders.edu.au/student-health-and-well-being/2018/02/07/mindfulness-academic-success/


Not so keen on attending a formal program – try one of these mobile apps insteadhttps://www.developgoodhabits.com/best-mindfulness-apps/


Want to learn more about the RUOK? movement – visit the OASIS Events page to learn more about what is happening on-campus on the 12th September.

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