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RUOK? Day is coming up – 12th September.

On that day we’re all reminded to check in with our friends, family members, peers and colleagues on how they are doing. Not just on the 12th Sept but any day, any time.

The simple gesture of asking someone how they are doing can start a powerful and meaningful conversation that helps that person find a way out of a difficult situation.

Part of helping someone out is awareness of the various supports that are available to them.

Whilst we might initially think of referring someone to see an actual person, there are actually lots of great services available online.

Sometimes using an online service is a less confronting first step for people to take in terms of reaching out. Some people just prefer interacting via email, chat or phone.

We’ve been collecting some of the better digital services in our document ‘Digital Resources for your Mental Health’. It covers websites, apps, phone/chat support services and forums.

Ours is not the only collection of mental health focused websites and digital resources however.

The Australian Government’s Head to Health project has been collecting mental health related websites for a couple of years now – check them out at


Want to learn more about the RUOK? movement – visit the OASIS Events page to learn more about what is happening on-campus on the 12th September, or connect with OASIS via their Facebook page

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