Our lift is getting replaced – what this means for you


There are a bunch of building activities going on around Car Park 1 and the Student Centre (where Health, Counselling and Disability Services reside) commencing 25th November.

One of those involves replacing the Student Centre lift which has significant implications for those accessing Health, Counselling and Disability Services after the 25th November.



From Monday 25 November 2019 – mid February 2020, the lift in the Student Centre will be replaced. During this time, access to Levels 1 and 3 will be via the stairs. The first two weeks of works to 9 December will be noisy as the existing lift and lift structure are removed. After this time, it’s expected there will be ongoing intermittent noise.

Where possible, both the Yunggorendi Mande and the Student Centre doors will remain accessible. There may be a few occasions where it will be necessary to temporarily divert pedestrian access through one door only. If this occurs, signage will be in place to redirect people as required. Emergency exits will not be impacted as all stairs remain open and operational.

These works include the relocation of the following services into the Union building basement rooms B10 – B10 D (which is where International Student Services used to be)

  • The temporary reception area for Health, Counselling and Disability Service
  • An emergency medical treatment room
  • A GP and a counsellor for people who aren’t able to use the stairs in the Student Centre
  • The Disability Service.

Not sure where this is?

Please note: this is a permanent relocation for Disability Service. From Monday 25 November 2019 onwards, the Disability Service will be located in the Union building basement rooms B10 – B10 D.

Students and staff should visit the temporary reception in the Union basement prior to all appointments, whether they be for a GP, Counsellor or Disability Advisor.

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