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Students are often not aware that we have Chaplains at the university that they can speak to. And those that are aware might not immediately think of speaking to a Chaplain in the context of what they are going through. Perhaps that is because they think that Chaplaincy is only relevant to those students of faith, or they aren’t aware of what topics might be appropriate to speak to a Chaplain about.

Included below is some information about the Chaplaincy ‘Chill and Connect‘ service that might help you decide whether there might be value in you visiting the OASIS centre or the Sturt Cafe and having a chat with one of the Chaplains.

I’ve had the good fortune to get to know the Chaplaincy team in the context of my support role at OASIS. They are genuinely dedicated to student wellbeing and committed to giving of their time and experience to help students with their own life journeys, regardless of religious beliefs.

It is worth noting that Chaplains are there for staff as well as students 🙂


Consultation times


Maria: 1:30-3pm. Sturt Cafe

Deb:  2-4 pm. Oasis


Maria: 1:30-3pm. Sturt Cafe

Toh: 1:30-3:30pm. Oasis


Dave: 10am-12pm. Oasis


About the Chaplaincy team

The Oasis Chaplaincy team offers a caring presence to staff and students at Flinders University. The team is welcoming of people all faiths and none. Our role is to support you in your journey of faith, spirituality and meaning. All of the team are trained and accredited leaders within their faith traditions, and together we uphold a multi-faith approach.

Learn more about the chaplaincy team and faith and spirituality more broadly over at the OASIS website –




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