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Ok, so it is probably a little early for me to be promoting this, but I am building a topic on FLO called Oasis Online (inspired by the on-campus Oasis), where myself and other staff from Health, Counselling and Disability Services and Oasis can deliver wellbeing-related seminars, discussion groups, workshops and training.

At the moment, it is really simple and really just contains a lot of ‘coming soon!’ and ‘to be announced’. You can however find the slides from the presentation I recently did called “The ‘new ordinary’: adapting to Coronavirus lockdown and studying online”).

But we will be expanding the content over time.

Those with a keen memory might say ‘But Gareth, you previously built a FLO topic that you abandoned. What makes you think you can do a better job this time?”

That is an excellent question.

The difference this time around is that we have an internal roadmap of the various programs and services that we want to add to Oasis Online over time, so it isn’t just about my content. It is about having a place where some of the programs and services that have been delivered face-to-face via Oasis and HCDS, can be delivered in an online format.

That means ultimately having online versions of Studyology, Mindfulness for Academic Success, Flinders Mates, Global Communicators, Introduction to Mental Fitness and more.

Why is this happening?

You may have noticed that the world (and certainly the uni) has moved online, whilst we try to kick the Coronavirus in its weird little virus arse.

While this has been highly disruptive, it has also had a silver lining. It has given me the momentum necessary to start thinking about how to get all our programs online.

Even when the world goes back to normal (and I think it will), this will be really useful. It means we can run programs like Studyology but have students from all campuses, including interstate and international ones, participate in our programs. We’ll no longer be limited to delivering our programs at the Bedford Park Campus. I also hope that we may be able to run programs outside of usual business hours, meaning those who can’t attend during the day because of a packed schedule might be able to attend out-of-hours sessions.

So what do I do to join?

Just visit and click enrol. The topic is open to staff and students because we know that building wellbeing is important, regardless of which part of the Flinders Community you sit.

Once you’ve joined, you’ll get announcements via email of when different programs and seminars and workshops are running and you can make the choice as to which ones you’d like to join.

Look forward to seeing you in there!

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