Listen to interview with Tiny Habits creator BJ Fogg


If you’ve heard me speak over the past few months, it is likely that you’ve heard me make reference to Tiny Habits and its creator BJ Fogg from Stanford University.

BJ has dedicated his life to understanding human behaviour and helping people develop better habits and routines and make better choices.

His Tiny Habits model emphasises making new habits simple to do and readily prompted by the environments in which one works and plays. Those small changes then amplify in a variety of ways that give people the confidence and hope to be able to make bigger changes in their life.

I am just listening to a great interview he did with Shane Parrish on The Knowledge Project.

Definitely worth a listen if you want to learn more about how one makes meaningful changes in one’s life.

He goes into a range of topics: information, motivation, identity, fear, hope and changing the environment, just to name a few.

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