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Note: it is live now! –

I just sat in on a meeting about the new student portal launching next week (13th July).

There have been many attempts to provide students with a better Flinders website experience, but I think they might have nailed it this time.

Sometime next week, will change, replaced by a site that is both visually more accessible, but also provides a true ‘dashboard’ experience, meaning it will be the site that you most likely start on when trying to access anything in relation to your university experience (course information, support services, uni life, finances, access to FLO and Okta and more).

So why I am telling you about this on the Student Health and Wellbeing Blog?

A few reasons.

First, the ‘support and services’ section of that site will contain a much more comprehensive summary of the various wellbeing related programs offered through Health, Counselling and Disability Services and Oasis (the two places I sit). That is good for us, because we’ll be able to increase awareness of our programs and services and resources.

Second, they’ve revamped the ‘Uni Life’ section to actually be about fun and the many ways you can get involved at the University. I think it will genuinely help students find a place (other than their degree) where they can feel part of the university community.

Third, the launch next week is only the first phase of the launch. Over the subsequent months, the student portal will gain additional features that mean when you land on the site and login, you’ll be provided with customised and individualised information, just for you. This will be based on the time of year, your degree, your unique timetable, the campus you are studying, the information that you want etc. This means it will operate as a true ‘dashboard’ linking you to everything you need for your studies.

Fourth, the site will launch with an integrated accessibility map that we hope improves the lives of those students with disability who need guidance on where to locate lifts, accessible bathrooms, etc.

Fifth, the site has been designed with significant student input, so features that students have asked for as front and centre (e.g. library search and links, important calendar events) will be there. It won’t just be a site to go to get information. It will be a site you go to to initiate actual study activities.

Sixth, you’ll probably encounter a few new students around the campus in the coming weeks because of the mid-year intake and orientation. Being able to direct them to this new student portal will be a simple way to help them get comfortable.

Keep your eye out for it next week – – the site will contain guidance for how you can provide feedback. Stay tuned to student news areas like Ping! for more communications about the portal –

We might finally be closer to a student-centric web experience. My congratulations to the ‘Project Compass’ team who have been putting this all together.

Now if only the staff website could make sense!

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