The ABC have launched a Mental Health Newsletter


Update 18/8/20: I’ve now received a few of the ABC newsletters. I’ve actually enjoyed perusing them and clicking through to the articles and I receive a lot of mental health content each day, so the fact I read them is testament to the interesting content they have.  They are a good aggregation of ABC’s mental health focused content across a variety of their channels: written, podcast, video etc. I can recommend subscribing for those with an interest in mental health. 

Got this in my email recently. An expansion of the already large amount of attention that the ABC news service pays to mental health issues.


“Around the world people are facing enormous challenges as we live through the coronavirus pandemic, and the changes it has brought to our lives. 

To help you navigate these unsettling times, the ABC is creating a newsletter that brings together a variety of mental health information and stories. 

Simply subscribe to the Your Mental Health newsletter to have content that will make you feel connected, inspired and supported delivered straight to your inbox. Every week, for six weeks. 

Because your mental health matters and here at ABC we want to help you navigate through these unusual and trying times.” 


I’ve signed up but I haven’t received any content yet, so can’t speak to that, but I find the ABC to be one of the better news services in relation to health and mental health stories.

Might be worth a look if mental health issues have been prominent for you during this very unusual period in human history. You certainly wouldn’t be the only one.



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