Burpee Bounce Back Challenge


Yes, that title is correct. I haven’t lost my mind.

Orygen Youth Health is one of the world’s leading mental health organisations with a focus on young people. They are Australian.

They run all sorts of training events, provide clinical services, do research, develop policy, lobby governments. If there is a way to try and improve the mental health of young Australians, Orygen are probably doing it.

I just got an email from them in relation to a new fundraising initiative they have launched.

It is called the Burpee Bounce Back Challenge. 

This is how it works.

You sign up to the site.

Between the 13th and 30th October, you try and do 1534 burpees over 17 days.

You get friends and family to sponsor you and the money goes towards the work Orygen does to improve mental health for young people.

So what the hell is a burpee? Let this buff dude show you.

If that looks a bit out of your range, you can do one of these modified versions:

I’m still contemplating whether I will do it. I probably should.

If you want to do your part for the mental health of young people and also get crazy fit (1534 burpees over 17 days is around 90 per day!!), consider signing up and inviting people in your social network to throw money your way.

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