What Is Ableism?


Ableism exists. This means we have to keep talking about ableism, making it known that it happens, thus changing attitudes.- Carly Findlay

In writing this blog I’ve typed the word ‘Ableism’ at the top of a word document about 5 times, breathed a decent sigh, and then closed the word document without writing anything else! It’s been a tough one to start…

I think the reason I’m finding it difficult to start is because I don’t feel qualified to talk about it, I don’t experience ableism on a daily basis in the way that people with a disability do. So, instead of trying, and failing to hit the mark, I’d like to post some links to amplify the voices of some people who are qualified to do so.

Ellen Fraser-Barbour recently wrote this article – Ellen is a PhD student here at Flinders Uni, and was recently runner up in the 3 minute Thesis… Keep an eye on the blog later in the year for a Q&A I’ll be doing with her.

Carly Findlay is a really well respected advocate within Australia, who often addresses Ableism – she’s written a bit on the subject, but perhaps best to start here.

Ableism may not be intentional (in the same way that racism or sexism may not be intentional) but that doesn’t mean it’s not harmful. -Ellen

Another good resource can be found here it’s very American based, but the concept is the same, or check out #AbelismExists

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