Mindful Meditation for Relaxation and Stress Relief


There have been some updates to the meditation sessions being run out of Oasis. I have included the new information in this post. 

Note: Wednesday meditations for the 4th, 11th, 18th November 2020, will be at the Pendopo Centre


Mindful Meditation is run twice a week by one of our chaplains, Dave.

Both are at Oasis Centre (Bedford Park campus). See below for times and bookings.

Dave’s meditation is a guided process focused on breathing and based on mindfulness principles. No experience is necessary, Dave will walk you through it.

Mindful Meditation can help provide a reset to calm the body and mind. The process helps to control the monkey mind that likes to race all over the place and cause havoc with our thoughts and emotions.

Participants have noted feeling calmer, have greater clarity of thought, concentration, and perspective, and increased feelings of success and wellbeing.

In Semester 2 of 2019 Dave conducted 34 sessions, with 149 meditators, totalling 3000 mins of meditation. 


Meditation in 2020

There are two meditation sessions per week during Semester 2, 2020.

Wednesdays and Fridays at 12.00pm at the Oasis Centre – Function Centre Opposite Car Park 5.

OASIS is located downstairs in the building. Because of social distancing requirements, Dave will need to take a record of those who attend.


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