Why you should pay attention to the Horizon Professional Development Award program


A couple of times per year I get to co-run a Professional Resilience and Mindfulness Workshop with Ursula from the Horizon Professional Development Award Program

I realise I am biased but it is a great little workshop – focusing on the application of knowledge about resilience and mindfulness to life in the modern workforce.

But that workshop is just one small part of a suite of programs offered by the Horizon crew, all of which are designed to get you job-ready for your life beyond university.

In their own words “The Flinders Horizon Award is a professional development program that aims to develop your professional skills and experiences by encouraging life-long learning. It is an un-structured program that encourages self-directed exploration and learning based on your personal career interests and aspirations.

They offer the following:

  • Workshops (face-to-face and online) on tonnes of different topics (collaboration, teamwork, conflict resolution, design thinking, decision making, feedback, diversity, public speaking, professional identity, resilience, communication)
  • Leadership training
  • Online pre-recorded lessons on topics like values, continuous improvement, leadership and collaboration)
  • Careers sessions
  • Volunteering opportunities within the university and external
  • Links to events, programs, courses, internships offered by other associations, employers, clubs
  • Mentoring opportunities (to be mentored and/or to mentor others)

As you engage with these programs, courses and opportunities, you earn points. As you earn points, you can reach different award categories (bronze, silver, gold & platinum).

Bronze award imageSilver Horizon Award imageGold Award image Platinum Award image

These award categories can be put on your resume/CV and LinkedIn profile and demonstrate to potential employers that you’ve invested significant time and effort to build skills outside that of your degree.

This is a fantastic opportunity. You can develop your skillset and enhance your employability at the same time.

I also think this is valuable way to invest in your mental health. A core psychological need that all of us have is the need to feel competent and skilled in at least one area. The Horizon program gives you access to a range of programs that can increase your competence in core transferable skills – skills that complement your core topic knowledge and are essential in surviving and thriving in the modern workforce.

If you are not already part of this program, I encourage you to sign up. Visit and enrol in their FLO topic.  Click the ‘start‘ button and the Horizon crew will guide you through the process.

If you have a question about the program, feel free to contact the Horizon crew (Ursula and Beth) via horizon@flinders.edu.au

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